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1323 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC, 20036
United States


JRINK Juicery is DC's mobile juice bar. 

Made fresh with 100% all-natural ingredients, we provide convenient health in the form of raw, cold-pressed juices, an essential nutrient boost when pressed for time

Our Story


We landed our first gig in Wall Street and boy, we loved it.  Unfortunately, we weren't as crazy for the long hours that came with the job.

We struggled to maintain our health while balancing a fast-paced career.  After too much take-out and caffeine, we started JRINK, a solution in the form of healthy convenience.

We absolutely love food but realize our bodies need a break time to time from the processed world in which we live.   We've also put a lot of time and effort to make JRINK an approachable and fashionable bottle of goodness.  Using a hydraulic press, the gold standard for juicers, we hope with every bottle you not only feel good but look good.  Hey, doesn't hurt, right?  


california native | berkeley + business | diligently followed the linear path to Wall Street Bank | worked reckless hours with little spare time | nomad in Southeast Asia | joined the World Bank to build wind farms and other fancy infrastructure | spanish novice | took the leap of faith and started JRINK.

fav JRINK:  Build Me Up

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proud canuck | business + finance | dreamed and pursued Wall Street Bank | left to Mozambique to try and change the World | yoga instructor in Bali | joined the World Bank for amazing people and cool travel | call me clumsy | bookworm + writer | chose to re-define success and started JRINK.

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new york city born and raised | columbia u book nerd | book editor | went looking for health answers | found veganism | clinical nutritionist turned organic chemistry student | med school hopeful | animal activist | eating disorder advocate | yogi | writer | JRINK lover

fav JRINK:  Fuel Me Up

personal blog: Choosing Raw 

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credentials & bio:

Gena is a certified clinical nutritionist and the author of Choosing Raw, a blog devoted to vegan and raw food recipes, and musings about health, wellness, and body image. Her work has been published in O Magazine, VegNews Magazine, Food52,and Whole Living Daily. In her old life, Gena was a book editor. In her current life, she just completed a pre-medical post-baccalaureate degree and is in the process of applying to medical school.


district diva | Medillionaire in the making | new age Lois Lane | new to this adult thing | multi-tasking maven | determined to be about that fit life | self-professed foodie | writer | storyteller | creator | hard-pressed to live life to the fullest | #JRINKup

fav JRINK: Build Me Up

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