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1323 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC, 20036
United States


JRINK Juicery is DC's mobile juice bar. 

Made fresh with 100% all-natural ingredients, we provide convenient health in the form of raw, cold-pressed juices, an essential nutrient boost when pressed for time


Welcome!  We are DC's first cold-pressed juice bar located in the heart of Dupont Circle.  We create the highest-quality juice, bottled in glass, to nourish the needs of all busy people on-the-go.

DC | VA | MD Cold-pressed juice delivery  

No added sugar or water | No preservatives | No HPP | No pasteurization


JRINK isn't just a pretty face.

Being busy doesn't have to compromise being healthy.  JRINK is healthy convenience in a bottle without sacrificing taste.

Each juice is alive and contains up to 5 lbs of fresh produce.  Cold-pressed & made local, we create the highest quality juice to nourish the needs of all busy people on-the-go.

DC | VA | MD  juice delivery

No added sugar | No preservatives | No pasteurization or HPP | No shortcuts

"Cold-pressed"? Do tell!